Causes and solutions of mouse pointer jitter on the screen!

  1. Causes of mouse pointer jitter

1). Poor adaptation of the old machine:

Old users still retain the original serial mouse in the process of computer upgrading. This mouse can be used on any motherboard with COM interface. However, with the progress of graphics card technology, the graphics card will occupy more. If the interrupt resources are interrupted, the graphics card will steal the COM interface, resulting in mouse shaking.

2). Interruption of radioactive signal outside the computer:

Computer hardware operates at a specific frequency. If the frequency wave is found to change, it will drive the mouse pointer to shake.

3). Affected by external stray light:

In order to pursue the beauty of the mouse, the light transmittance is better. If the optical path is not well shielded and the strong light is disturbed, the optical signal transmission of the mouse will be affected and the mouse will shake.

4). Poor mouse quality:

If the quality of the mouse is poor, the working frequency of the mouse is unstable due to the influence of indoor temperature, and the mouse will shake.

5). The cable core is broken:

The four core wires of the mouse port are bent back and forth by the mouse, which will break after a long time, resulting in irregular movement or even jamming of the mouse.

6). Mouse pad problem:

Whether the mouse pad is clean, whether the roughness is good, and whether the mouse pad is placed smoothly will affect the mouse pointer.

2Mouse pointer jitter solution

1). Check whether the mouse pad for placing the mouse is too smooth. You can try another mouse pad.

2). See if there is a problem with the driver. You can uninstall the driver first and then reinstall it.

3). If the mouse interface is broken, you can only change the mouse.

4). Wipe the light-sensitive lamp of the mouse with a cotton cloth and clean up the sundries of the light-sensitive lamp so that the light-sensitive lamp of the mouse is no longer affected by sundries.

5). Adjust the accuracy of the mouse to meet the needs of the computer.

These are some simple steps on the premise that the mouse is in good condition. If the computer itself can not keep up with the pace of the times, the problem of mouse jitter is the problem of the computer. You can consider replacing the computer. If it is the interference of strong light in the room or the problem of the mouse itself, you can replace the mouse. It is best to replace the mouse with good anti glare ability.

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